Welcome to iPLON India

The energy of the future is renewable. No other branch of trade grows this fast and contributes so much to the preservation of our environment. iPLON is a company that searches for the optimal solution for the customers’ needs. Renewable energy and energy efficiency are the domains we focus on. We strongly believe in the power of partnerships towards making change happen.

We welcome you to explore more about us and the wide range of products and services that we offer in the Indian Solar PV segment, and look forward to collaborating with you.

About iPLON

iPLON is an international leader in the area of Solar PV monitoring systems and Total Life Cycle Management. Within an year of its entry into Indian market, iPLON has established its strong presence in Gujarat and Rajasthan, including the Asia’s biggest solar park in Charanka. More

Remote Monitoring Systems

iPLON ‘s Remote Monitoring Systems for Solar PV Power Plants is used in conjunction with iFTs, iATs and iMTs on site for real-time monitoring, visualization and evaluation of the plants from any part of the globe. The system facilitates a tremendous increase in efficiency of the plants.  More

Total Life Cycle Management

iPLON is equipped with years of experience in performance monitoring and life cycle management of Solar PV power plants in various parts of the globe. Our expertise lies in an efficient monitoring system that facilitates timely error diagnosis and swift corrective action. More