Data loggers are at the heart of the Solar PV plant monitoring scheme and their efficiency is central to the performance of the monitoring system. iGATE, our ingenious data logger, forms the core of iPLON’s Solar PV Plant Monitoring System. The data logger records the data from inverters, energy meters and sensors and stores it centrally. The values from the iGATE are transferred directly to the remote servers via a communication interface.



The iGATE is intended for OEM-customers. Plant manufacturers and other control cabinet manufacturers can buy the most important parts from iPLON and implement them in their cabinets.

All connection schemes and installation documentation is supplied by iPLON.



  • ARM9 RISC Architecture (32-Bit) Linux System with 64 MByte Flash and 64 MByte RAM
  • Interfaces: RS-485 (Opto-coupler), LonWorks FTT10A, 2 x RS232C, Ethernet, USB(HOST)
  • TCP/IP: 10/100 MBit Data-rate
  • 8 LEDs, Service Pin, DIP switches
  • Dimensions: 156 mm x 86 mm x 58 mm (L+WxH): DIN Rail
  • Feed-in: 24 V-DC / 300 mA
  • Modem: Siemens – Modem MC35i Terminal
  • Cables: (SubD 9 polig 1.8m) DB9ST – DB9BU
  • Magnet antenna with co-axial cable 2.5m MCA 1890MH


Important details

A special cable is required to reset the GPRS-modem on faults in the GPRS-network. Please use components according to iPLON specifications only.