About iPLON

iPLON GmbH is an international leader in the area of Solar PV monitoring systems and Total Life Cycle Management. Established in Germany in 1996 (as TLON) by a visionary of technology Mr. Victor Thamburaj, the company has integrated some of the best talents across the globe with diverse skill sets in engineering and computing to emerge as a significant solution provider in the renewable energy sector in the Europe. With hundreds of successful projects in the renewable energy and energy efficiency areas, iPLON has evolved as an industrial trendsetter working with cutting edge technologies and providing innovative solutions.

iPLON believes in the power of synergistic partnerships to develop unique, customized solutions for its clients. The company strives to achieve new ambitious targets every time, nullifying external competition by setting its own benchmarks in the industry. The core team that operates today is the same as the one that supported Victor’s visions in the earliest days of the company. Their sustained enthusiasm towards the business and strong existence as a team helps the company deliver the high quality solutions at the highest order of productivity.

iPLON products enable solar power systems to reach a better performance and therefore make more yield. The monitoring systems operate across the field level, automation level and management level. Moreover the products ensure a seamless integration of renewable energy sources into the grid. To know more about iPLON products click here.

In 2011 iPLON expanded its operations to India where there is a significant potential for the growth of solar PV plants in the future. In a short time, the company has established its strong presence in Gujarat and Rajasthan, including the Asia’s biggest solar park in Charanka.

In 2020 iPLON unveils its latest innovation of product line for the PV-DG Hybrid Systems and Offering kW TO GW Solutions in Solar Industry With a milestone of achieving more than 2 GW in SCADA and Remote Monitoring Systems, iPLON has always been an innovative platform in IoT based solutions.