About the Founder

Victor Thamburaj CEO iPLON

Victor Thamburaj is the visionary leader behind the journey from conception to success of iPLON. He has been at the helm of the company since its inception, constantly motivating its employee to out-perform their own records. In his inimitable style of management, Victor has been successful in creating a very positive organizational culture at iPLON that encourages talents, innovations, synergistic partnerships and in the process, grooms thought leaders who translate their brilliant ideas into distinguished products for our clients.

Victor is an alumnus of the Electrical Engineering department of the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Madras. After graduation in 1972, Victor worked with technology giants Bosch in Germany. In 1975 Victor moved to ZIEHL Industrie-Elektronik GmbH in Schwabisch Hall for a brief tenure before joining THEN Dye Machines where he served for over twenty years.

When the LONWORKS® technology made its appearance in the early 90ies, Victor Thamburaj soon realized that the future did belong to the decentralized networking of devices based on this technology. To pursue his dreams, he set up TLON in the year 1996-97. Later on, TLON was renamed as iPLON.