iPLON products are major contributors to the Solar Photovoltaic Plant Monitoring Systems. Our strong understanding of the plant manifests in the supremacy of our monitoring products. The expertise of iPLON is based on the knowledge of a corporate group but also the capacity to act with the agility of a medium-sized business combined with tremendous experience of more than 10 years of pioneer work in decentralized automation.

Our monitoring systems specialize in efficient real-time data acquisition, analysis and transmission through secure networks at three levels viz. field level, automation level and management level. We provide data monitoring, error handling and yield monitoring facilities at the local level SCADA System as well as Remote Monitoring System for off-site performance monitoring.

Centralized Topology Layout


To know more about our products click on the respective links below:

Data logger


Standard Rooftop Monitoring


PV-DG Hybrid, ZE & iMGS system

i_IoT Controller

Automation level Monitoring

iAT (Intelligent Automation Terminal)

Management level Monitoring

iMT (Intelligent Management Terminal)

SLDC/LDC Connectivity

Magic Box (i_SLDC)