The iBOX Premium is used for supervising of photovoltaics-facilities with integrated web-server and data-transfer via GSM, GPRS or DSL. The integrated input-output-module allows you to connect sensors like solarization and temperature or S0-impulses to the iGATE. This box allows the connection of different inverter types.



  • The iBOX Premium allows to map the data of inverters with RS-485-interfaces to the GPRS-interface.

  • Customer-specific websites are uploaded to the file system via FTP

  • Firmware update via FTP

  • Standard: 10 Inverters / 30 days / with 15 min intervals Max. 100 inverters

  • Connect different inverter types simultaneously Easy to use (pre configured, installed)

  • Only 230 V-AC and RS-485-connection to inverter required GSM-/GPRS-Modem

  • Alarms and yields via E-Mail

  • Prepaid-Card with „Reverse Tunneling“ (facility remotely accessible)

  • System „always On line“ (every iBOX has its own IP-Address Control cabinet casing: FIBOX EKOE 130 T

  • Casing: Plastics

  • Height x Width x Depth: 280 mm x 280 mm x 130 mm

  • The IO-Module processes data of up to 4 energy meters with pulse output (S0) or potential-free contact. Two analog inputs are available for (PT100 or PT1000) temperature sensors, one analog input for a 0 V – 10 V signal as well as an input for a irradiation sensor.

Important details

The control cabinet iBOX needs to be connected to the inverter via RS-485-Verbindung and to 230 V via a three-pin plug. We also provide training for fast and efficient installation in our offices.