PV-DG Synchronization: Solar Power Optimization Captive Power Management


  • The iBox_M+ (with i_IoT Controller) comes with the Inverter power reduction feature. This feature will work dynamically based on the Diesel Generator output
  • This feature will run such that the Solar Output is maximum without compromising on DG efficiency

Feature Details

  • The i_IoT Controller reduces the Solar PV production as the load reduces, to keep the diesel generator (DG) running at an optimal efficiency. This iPLON iM+ has been programmed to run the DG at a Set_Threshold capacity (programmed based on requirement).
  • As the DG efficiency is very low when it is run at low capacities, the i_IoT allows the DG to run at a Set_Threshold as per Customer requirement
  • On the physical layer, this is done over the communication port of the Inverters
  • The i_IoT Controller also protects the DG from Reverse Flow of current from the Solar Inverters.

The following is the logic implemented based on Grid Availability (ON/OFF):

      Grid ON:

  • When Grid is available, Solar is generating its maximum capacity (based on available irradiation) and DG is OFF.
  • In such an instance, the Solar energy is utilized to its maximum and Solar Power Optimization feature is Inactive.

       Grid OFF:

  • Then Grid is unavailable, DG is ON and Solar Power is available.
  • DG > Set_Threshold: The DG and Solar operates to provide maximum output and Solar Power Optimization feature is Inactive.
  • DG ≤ Set_Threshold: The Solar Power Optimization is achieved by reducing the Solar Inverter Output using the Dynamic Power Control feature. This way the DG will run at its best efficiency.
  • DG ≤ Set_Threshold & Load ≤ Set_Threshold: The DG is the only operating source and the Solar output is zero.