Intelligent Automation Terminal (iAT)

With the use of central inverters it is very important to combine the available DC-strings to the few collective DC-conductors. Our iAT decouples, processes and records all information regarding the states of the DC-fuses and DC-currents. The iAT is normally installed close to the central inverters where the information processed by the iAT is provided to the iMT.

iAT_Intelligent Automation Terminal


  • Inverter and array box independent solution
  • Based on ISO / IEC standards 14908
  • 24 V DC power supply to the field array Boxes
  • Inverter Interfaces: RS-485 and Ethernet (see inverter  list)
  • Easy diagnostic  via LEDs in data loggers
  • Connection to handheld Control Terminal
  • Connection to iMT (intelligent Management Terminal) via fiber  optics
  • IP 65 enclosure
  • 4 analogue inputs, 8 digital inputs
  • Temperature and humidity measurement
  • Irradiation and module temperature measurement
  • Connection for 2 RS485 meters
AC Input 2 A
Data  Transmission  to  Field  Terminals
Lonworks  Network
Protocol ISO/IEC 14908
Data rate 78kBaud
Topology Free (Ring, Star ,Line, Mixed)
Cabeling Twisted pair (pole insensitive)
Data  Transmission  to  Management  Terminals  
Ethernet  TCP_IP  Network
Protocol TCP_IP
Data rate 100 Base TX / 100 Base SX
Switch 6*10/100 TX ( RJ45) and 2*100FX (SC)
Topology Loop
Cabeling Fiber optical multimode :50/125µm
Electrical  Data  
Generator  connection
System voltage 230V AC
System current 0.5 A-AC
Auxiliary supply 24V DC
Power consumption Max.100W, nom. 50W
Overvoltage protection Yes
Mechanical  Data  
Protection class IP 65
Enclosure Type Hensel, wall mount;
UL listing pending
Standards Standard EN 50298
Dimensions  H x W  x D 600 x600  x 155 mm
Weight 20 Kg
Ambient  Conditions
Operation temperature 0°C to +45 °C ( short time 55°C)
Storage temperature -20 to 70 “C
Relative air humidity Humidity up to 95 % non-condensing