iPLON Micro Grid Solutions-iMGS

Integration of various power sources is leading to the emergence of ‘energy prosumers’. iPLON promotes this de-central approach and through the iMGS series caters to the ‘supply-side’ and ‘demand-side’ management of energy.

Our Energy Management System can effectively manage (monitor & control) diverse energy sources such as solar, wind, biogas, CHP, energy storage systems, mains grid with DG as back-up. With our IoT and web 2.0 technologies, we are offering customized micro grid solutions to our valuable partners.

Key Features

  • Active power control and power factor correction
  • Site specific configuration
  • Fully automated system operation
  • Monitoring of Plant (DC & AC side) – iPLON Cloud services
  • Remote maintenance and system management
  • Scalable system (kW to MW scale installations)
  • Engineering services for load side management
  • Connection to Energy trading platform

PV-DG Hybrid System

  • Suitable for Multiple DG sets
  • Maintains the DG in the safe operating efficiency
  • Back Feed Protection for Diesel Generators
  • Fuel savings by maximising solar output without compromising DG efficiency
  • Inverter Output Control
  • Compatible with all varying make of inverters and DG sets