Magic Box (i_SLDC)

i_SLDC Controller

iSLDC – Features

  • Interface between the PV plant (rooftop or Power Plant) and the Energy Utility Company
  • Based on the technical specification of the German requirements of BDEW
  • The control of the PV plant is achieved by the active control of the inverters used in the plant
  • Used for new plants but also be integrated in existing Power Plants
  • iGATE Datalogger (IEC 60870-5-101/104 protocols)
  • Connectivity to cloud based system and SLDCs with DSL, GPRS, VPN, RT, PLCC
  • Firewall, Scalable I/O system, Time synchronisation through GPS (optional)
  • Supports Modbus, TCP/IP, LON

iSLDC – Functions

  • Interface between the RTU of the SLDC and the power plant
  • Signal conditioning of the power reduction and the reactive power factor correction of the plant
  • Control configuration with the built in web user interface
  • Easy to use in new plants and existing plants
  • Remote access for O&M activities (optional)
  • Power factor correction at the grid connectivity point (HAT) side (optional)
  • Logic to use with the direct seller of the energy (Direktvermarkter): this is the new standard in Germany (optional)