i_IoT Controller (PV-DG,ZE&iMGS)

PV-DG Hybrid System

Diesel generators have been used as an alternative backup source of energy for decades. Solar power plants are being installed to curtail the energy consumption from the conventional grid and have proved to be a viable solution to the industrial and commercial consumers.

Importance and intelligence of iPLON’s controller lies in the effective management of both the energy sources in a PV-DG Hybrid system. IPLON’s PV-DG fuel saver controller maximizes the solar energy produced without compromising on the efficiency of the diesel gensets, thereby lowering the fuel consumption from the DGs resulting in cost savings.

The key advantage of the controller when compared to other inverter OEMs is that this application can be extended to numerous inverters makes, without depending upon on the OEMs standard solutions. With a single dashboard access, data visualization and analytics are accessible at ease. Currently, we have implemented this solution across multiple sites in India with SMA, Danfoss, Kaco, Sungrow, and Huawei inverters. The standard solution of iPLON’s fuel saver controller is for a plant with 1 DG and can further be extended to over 10 DG sets.

PV-DG Fuel Saver Controller – Key features

  • Inverter Output Control
  • Fuel savings – Maximized solar output and Minimized DG output
  • Protection of Reverse Power Current
  • Suitable for Multiple DG sets
  • Compatible with all the leading inverter and DG OEMs
  • Active-Reactive Power control and Power Factor correction
  • Site specific customization
  • Fully automated system operation
  • Monitoring of Plant (DC & AC side) – iPLON Cloud services
  • Remote maintenance and system management
  • Scalable system (kW to MW scale installations)

Zero Evacuation System

Solar power plants are being set up in residential homes, industrial and commercial rooftops, factories, and Government buildings. However, most of the states in India have not yet made provisions to accept the feed-in energy from the solar plants or there are procedural delays in getting the net-meters approved and installed. Hence, the energy generated must be used only for captive consumption and any energy exported to the grid will be penalized.

iPLON’s Zero Evacuation System finds its application here. The controller intelligently senses and continuously monitors the load variations and hence controls the net export energy to the grid, by ramping down the power of the inverter. A bi-directional meter is installed at the grid side and the data is continuously read by the controller.

In factories, the load can either be inductive or capacitive which results in a lag or lead power factor which may be different from the power factor of the grid to which the solar energy being produced is pushed. iPLON’s intelligent controller continuously corrects the power factor to maintain the same power factor as the grid.

Zero Evacuation System – Features

  • Active power control
  • Power factor correction
  • Prevents excess export energy
  • Fully automated system operation
  • Compatible with all leading inverter OEMs
  • Compatible with all energy meter OEMs
  • Site specific customization
  • Monitoring of Plant (DC & AC side) – iPLON Cloud services
  • Scalable system (kW to MW scale installations)
  • Remote maintenance and system managemen

Micro Grid Solutions – iMGS

Energy Management solutions for Hybrid Systems with solar PV, diesel generators, wind, bio-gas, and energy storage devices such as batteries

Micro Grid Solutions – Features

  • Supply side Management
  • Demand side management
  • Application to e-mobility
  • German engineered solution for load side management
  • Connection to Energy Trading Platform