SCADA Systems

iPLON provides an efficient SCADA system for on-site monitoring of the Solar PV Power Plant. The system is equipped to support operator control and supervision of the plant’s performance to facilitate swift error handling and yield monitoring. The SCADA system has provision for plant data storage throughout the entire service life of the plant and continuous condition monitoring of all power plant components.



  • Connection to Internet (DSL and/or UMTS)
  • The Industry PC is connected to the intelligent Management Terminal (for monitoring of inverters, string monitoring and weather station monitoring)
  • Touch Screen
  • IP 55 Enclosure
  • Safety lock prevents unauthorized access to control panel
  • Optional features
    • Video connection (IP CCTV System)
    • Outputs for safety and security contacts

SCADA Single Line Diagram

Electrical Data

Generator connection
System voltage 230V AC
System current 1.7  A-AC
Power consumption Nominal  65 W
Over voltage Protection AC Yes
AC Input 2 A