Life Cycle Management

iPLON is equipped with years of experience in performance monitoring and life cycle management of Solar PV power plants in various parts of the globe. Besides undertaking regular maintenance and planned performance checks, our expertise lies in swift identification of any under-performance through efficient monitoring and immediate corrective action to minimize loss.

iPLON is an independent, private company committed to the best interest of our clients. Our solutions are compatible with all makes of inverters, string boxes and sensors. Our team has specialzsed skills spread across various  disciplines of engineering to undertake total life cycle management of Solar PV plants.

Sensors, Calibration and Panel Technology Electrical Engineering Electronic Engineering
  • Pyranometer, Silicon
  • Ambient & Module Surface Temperature
  • Wind Speed and direction
  • Other weather station sensors
  • Panel and string characteristics
  • Thermography
  • String Monitoring Boxes
  • Inverters
  • DC LT Panels
  • AC HT panels
  • Transformers
  • Control room
  • Switchyard
  • Dataloggers
  • Field Device networks and Protocols
  • Fiber optical Infrastructure
SCADA Systems (Local and  Remote) O&M Portal based (cloud computing) systems Internet connectivity 
  • Industry Embedded PC with touch screen
  • Plant Overview
  • Visualization and navigation
  • Alarming and trending
  • Data logging and scheduling
  • Diagnostics
  • Reporting and exporting in multiple formats
  • Interface to O&M (portal) System
  • PR & Specific Yield
  • Availability
  • Benchmarking
  • Due Diligence
  •  GPRS / DSL modems
  • Static / dynamical IP addresses
  • Network security (Firewalls, VPN. Tunneling)


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