Operation & Maintenance

As part of our Total Life Cycle Management service, iPLON provides handles complete Operation & Maintenance of Solar PV power plants. The services include both knowledge based services as well as on-site maintenance. We also translate our deep understanding of the Solar PV industry into O&M consulting services for our clients in addition to also providing them with EPC assistance for O&M equipment.

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Complete list of Operation & Maintenance Service offered by iPLON India:

Knowledge-based O&M Services through remote operation On-site Operation & Maintenance Services
IPLON enables very efficient remote management of Solar PV power plants through its state of the art monitoring system.  The comprehensive performance coverage includes Analyzing the data on irradiation, module temperature, energy metering etc.

  • Diagnosing abnormal behavior in the power plant
  • Alarm Handling
    • Notification to Developer , EPC , Device supplier about faults
    • Management of Repair work to be done
    • Notification when work is completed
  • Reporting
    • Periodical reporting on the performance of the plant and other parameters
    • On-demand reporting services
  • Panel cleaning
    • Determining the panel cleaning time based on the Yield data, PR and the yearly behavior of the plant
    • Logging the Cleaning Efficiency after panel cleaning
IPLON synergises with its partners and highly skilled in-house engineers to provide the best operation and maintenance services at the site.  Our broad understanding of the solar PV plant helps us extend the best of services in the following areas at the site.

  • Periodic Maintenance & Monitoring
  • Panel Yield
  • Electrical
  • Electronic
  • Electrical , Fiber optical Infrastructure

Preventive Maintenance

  • Cleaning panels
  • Clearing vegetation , bird drops , shading
  • Checking electrical connections (thermal imaging) , loose connections , string current
  • Calibration : Sensors , SCADA, Monitoring system
  • Inverter functionality
  • Corrective , reactive ,Ad-hoc Maintenance
  • Condition based Maintenance
  • Diagnose through Data mining (Monitoring system with data archive)
  • Trainings and workshops
Consulting services in Operation & MaintenanceWe provide high class consulting services in the area of Solar PV plant O&M. Our team of experts spanning all operational domains, advise the clients on the basis of the years of experience and insights we have accrued through extensive research and collaborations. EPC for O&M equipmentslike cables, fibre optics, OTRD measurement systems etc.

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